Five of the coolest office designs from around the world

Tech companies have brought some of the coolest office designs to the forefront, and other industries are taking notice. While it may seem like fun and games, some companies are taken their creativity to fascinating heights, showcasing not only their company culture but offering employees a place of work that can foster creativity.

Virtual reality in building design

Virtual reality in building design

Virtual reality is already shaking up the building design and construction professions, and it appears we’re just scratching the surface of this technology’s potential. While still very much in its evolutionary stages, building professionals and their clients can already grab a headset and experience the technology for themselves.

Seven design trends in affordable housing

Design is a big factor in keeping affordable housing costs down. Shared housing, smaller units, modular construction, sustainability and adaptive reuse are just some of the ongoing trends that builders and architects are putting into play to reduce the costs associated with construction and building operation.