Five amazing hotel designs from around the world

Travelers have some amazing destinations to choose from when it comes to hotels designs that will amaze. Well-thought hotel design can have a dramatic impact on the guest experience, from the moment a guest pulls up to the curb right through until their departure.

Seven design trends in affordable housing

Design is a big factor in keeping affordable housing costs down. Shared housing, smaller units, modular construction, sustainability and adaptive reuse are just some of the ongoing trends that builders and architects are putting into play to reduce the costs associated with construction and building operation.

Trends in college and university building design

Trends in college and university building design

Designing a building on a tight budget is nothing new to architects, builders and designers. Coupled with declining enrollment and technological advances, college and university campuses and residences are finding innovative ways to attract students and keep costs down.

Senior living design trends evolve with active audience

senior living trends

With age-in-place technology advances growing like never before, designers of senior living communities are upping their game with wellness initiatives, modern food options, and amenity offerings that have made active senior living far more desirable than it was in the past.