As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the realm of building restoration, this statement holds up to scrutiny: By applying restoration measures early and often, architects and building owners can keep more serious damage from occurring in the future. Additionally, these early fixes are minimally intrusive, easy to carry out and result in a lower bottom line.

With that said, there are different degrees of early restoration that have varying degrees of value. The earlier builders can implement these techniques, the more likely they’ll avoid future repairs – but even if they have to undo somewhat more serious damage it can still have a positive long-term impact. Read on to learn the four stages early restoration architects should take advantage of before matters get worse.

Timely restoration can prevent drastic repairs.Timely restoration can prevent drastic repairs.

4. Complete facade restoration
If the building exterior has fallen into disrepair, prevent more drastic overhauls by revamping the facade with systems like Sto Corp’s custom cladding. This is the last step before more serious renovations would be necessary – if a structure gets to this point, it’s crucial the architects move quickly to correct and replace any problematic cladding before it leads to further degradation.

3. Overclad the existing facade
Before your cladding deteriorates, it may show signs of damage to come. When moisture intrusion is a significant problem, heat and conditioned air continually escapes, and the appearance of the facade has fallen to the wayside, it could be time to add a more efficient stucco cladding. By overcladding in time, builders can avoid having to take on a full cladding replacement.

“It’s never too early to begin maintenance.”

2. Correct minor damage
Mother Nature and Father Time are an undefeated tandem, and they will inevitably have a negative impact in building facade. However, by keeping on top of these small cracks and damages as they occur, builders can prolong the structure’s integrity and optimize performance. Sto Corp provides the expertise, resources and technologies necessary to a building exterior looking and performing its best, even after exposure to the elements.

1. Simple maintenance to maximize appeal
Even if a facade may not have suffered any physical damage yet, it’s never too early to begin maintenance. Such an effort won’t just improve the building’s ability to maintain performance, it will also keep the exterior looking fresh and attractive. Wind-drive rain, dirt, dust, exhaust and other debris can case an exterior to fade and lose its appeal. Sto Corp offers products like liquid-applied exterior coatings to ensure the facade doesn’t decay due to those common irritants.

Each of these maintenance steps can help prevent the one preceding it. In the case of No. 4, recladding is like the last line of defense before major renovation could be necessary. No. 1 may help lower the frequency of minor repairs to the external finish. No building can last forever, but these methods will reduce the cost and extent of repairs while maximizing a building’s lifespan and performance. Restoration programs like the one Sto Corp offers are strategic solutions.