There’s never been more options for the consumer in terms of where to stay when they travel. This has hoteliers needing ever-more to stand out and ensure the guest experience far outweighs that of a cheaper Airbnb rental. Because of this, hotel design is now playing a bigger role in a hotelier’s marketing strategy.

What are consumers looking for in luxury hotel design?

Connection to the outdoors in increasingly important, not only in aesthetic aspects of the building but in encouraging guests to also explore their surroundings outside of the hotel. Bringing the outdoor elements inside should be major trend in 2019, according to Hotel Designs.

One of the most interesting hotel design trends to watch is the move to bring the outdoor experience to hotel lobbies and corridors. In 2019 hotels will be seeing more indoor waterfalls, all-season terraces, rugged outdoor-style furnishings, gorgeous plants and panoramic views. This trend in hotel design will help guests to enjoy nature while staying inside, creating a completely unique and memorable experience.

Health and wellness are also big opportunities for hotels to stand out. In an interview with Hotel Business, Don Harrier, principal and hospitality director of architecture firm HKS Inc. says, “Hotel companies that are concentrating on wellness and luxury are making a distinction on what it means for their brand; they are expanding the guest experience to include a truly curated experience based on the guest’s needs. The message needs to resonate to the guest in a way that embodies the brand DNA.”

Hotel design and social media

With the massive popularity of visual platforms like Instagram, social media is also increasing its impact on hotel design. Hotels with visual surprises and exquisite attention to detail in key areas have the opportunity to garner a plethora of impressions on various social media platforms. One post from a social media influencer can quickly reach thousands or more other users who immediately feel that FOMO factor and want the experience for themselves. Many influencers are aware that natural light is the secret sauce when it comes to a winning Instagrammable image – so design with that in mind would be a huge benefit to the millennial mobile photographer.

Sustainable design is also an important element when it comes to the guest experience. Many guests are very eco-conscious and want to ensure their travel’s carbon footprint is at least somewhat offset by staying in a property that they feel cares about the environment and its surroundings. Hotels are not only installing solar panels, but trends like urban beekeeping and fresh vegetables via rooftop gardens are popping up frequently.

Of course, a little bit of that “wow” factor isn’t going to hurt a hotel’s cause. Check out this list of the 21 hottest design hotels for 2019 via Architectural Digest.

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