If it’s excitement, optimism, concern, or tinges of all three, everyone has a worldview of what the future holds. While those working in building design don’t have a crystal ball, there’s a plethora of opportunity for experts in this field to take advantage of innovations and mitigate foreseen humanitarian risks.

Designing buildings with the future in mindThere’s amazing opportunity to affect change when designing buildings with the future in mind. Reducing water, electricity and carbon footprint are quickly becoming expectations. The popularity of the WELL Building Standard is a strong indicator that health and wellness of occupants is a priority. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things continue to show astounding potential.

AI is very much due to overhaul the way buildings operate. Per Visiting Tomorrowland: Buildings for a Sustainable Future, an ebook by The Fifth Estate:

Now that sensors are light enough and cheap enough to be used in a wide range of situations, it is possible for buildings to respond comprehensively to conditions. In a cold climate, a building can flush the pipes with warm water to stop them freezing, or in a warm climate, it can close the blinds to moderate the temperature. A dynamic façade can open and shut in response to the sun with individual tiles expanding to cover a space or contracting to open it up.

The need to design for the health and wellbeing is a huge plus, not only to a building’s inhabitants and employees, but also the building operator’s marketability. In the case of office design, wellness initiatives also benefit corporations in their effort to attract employees. Enter the WELL Certification, where building owners must hit a quality standard across seven specific categories of the WELL Building Standard: air, water, lighting, comfort, nourishment, fitness and mind.

Designing buildings with the future in mind can certainly be a heady topic, covering an abundance of issues and warranting countless hours of meaningful discussion. Sto Corp. is excited to be involved in the upcoming A’19 Conference on Architecture in Las Vegas from June 6 to 8, where the theme Blueprint for a Better Future will be the focus of the event. Our Vice President of Marketing Tyson Kindstrom and Director, StoPanel, Tim Salerno will be speakers at the session Project Delivery Strategies for High-Rise Construction. Please join us for the event, and come see the rest of the Sto Corp. team at booth 4331.

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