Tech companies have brought some of the coolest office designs to the forefront, and other industries are taking notice. While it may seem like fun and games, some companies are taken their creativity to fascinating heights, showcasing not only their company culture but offering employees a place of work that can foster creativity. Here is our selection of amazing office designs from across the globe.

Fun on four legs: Bark office in Columbus, Ohio

The first thing one sees when visiting the online home of Bark, a company that offers a subscription service that home delivers treats and toys for dogs, is their credo “At BARK, we want to make dogs as happy as they make us. Because dogs and humans are better together.”

This is very much reflected in their corporate head office in Columbus. Designed by architecture firm NBBJ, the office is built with the accommodation of office workers’ and visitors’ four-legged friends in mind. Per Dezeen, “…the office contains a variety of areas for working, socialising and playing. Durable, cost-conscious materials were used throughout the space to accommodate the pets’ unpredictable behaviour and a limited budget. There are no assigned desks in the office. Instead, employees shift around to different areas, depending upon their work needs and personal preferences. Among the offerings are sit-to-stand desks and work stations with built-in areas for dogs.”

A bug’s eye view: SelgasCano Architecture Office in Madrid, Spean

SelgasCano, a Spanish architectural partnership between José Selgas and Lucía Cano, is a firm truly inspired by, and working within, nature. Per inhabitat, “this incredible sunken office… gives their employees a unique bug’s eye view of the colorful forest around them. Situated in Madrid, the streamlined space is encapsulated by a curving glass wall that provides gorgeous views of the surrounding forest while completely eliminating the need for artificial lighting during the day.”

A celebration of art: Etsy Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York

Etsy is an online marketplace that focuses on selling handmade arts and crafts items from independent sellers around the world. The eclectic offerings are very much reflected in the design of the company’s headquarters. A three-year effort by Gensler resulted in the 200,000-square-foot office’s layout, of which 50 percent of the furniture was sourced from local artists and sellers on the platform, according to designboom.

Paid to play: Google’s head office in Zurich, Switzerland

Google employees in Zurich’s head office are affectionately referred to as “Zooglers.” This is almost certainly due to the Zurich locale, but one might consider the Zoo- prefix has a deeper meaning. A jungle lounge, gondolas, slides and firefighter poles (because you know, elevators are boring), cinemas, free massages, a James Bond room, a “water lounge” with bathtubs for napping, and of course free food and a 5:00 beer call when the theme music of Heidi beckons, are all part of company founder Larry Page’s philosophy that people are more productive when they’re comfortable. Before you punch that ticket to Zurich, keep in mind that entrance beyond the reception area is granted invitation-only.

Collaboration and belonging: Airbnb headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

Short-term rental provider Airbnb’s first designed-from-scratch office building was a collaboration between the company’s team and heneghan peng architects. The company’s “belong anywhere” motto is reflected in the office design geared towards interaction of employees and management. Dubbed The Warehouse, the office consists of 29 “neighborhoods,” each, according to Office Snapshots, consisting of identical components, for up to 14 people. Each meeting room is inspired by Airbnb listings from around the world. A compelling feature is the stand-out staircase, which can function as a conference space and community event space for up to 400 people or simply offer a “lounge style” working environment.

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