What could construction on Mars look like?

construction on Mars

With more spacecraft on Mars than any other planet that isn’t earth, it’s safe to say humanity’s curiosity with the red planet isn’t going away anytime soon. So, what could construction on Mars look like?

Three senior housing trends post-COVID-19

senior housing trends post-COVID-19

With the sun hopefully setting on the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak, seniors’ housing needs are still evolving. While many changes at the outset of the pandemic were reactionary, there are some lasting elements that will be here to stay.

Sto Corp nets six EIMA HERO Awards

Peace Raleigh Apartments

Sto Corp. is proud to be the manufacturing partner on six of the EIFS Industry Members Association’s EIFS Hero Project Awards that received accolades for exemplary work showcasing exterior walls that are efficient, aesthetically flexible, and incredibly durable.